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Unicorn Button Party Pin Badge, Pinback Buttons, Richard Darani Illustration - Richard Darani Illustration

Unicorn Button Party Pin Badge

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Unicorn party pin badge. This is a brilliant and fun way to brighten any bag, coat or apparel and they also make the ultimate small gift to bring a smile to anyone’s face and perfect for children's party bags.



This cute Unicorn with rainbow hair badge/fridge magnet would make an adorable small gift for anyone to brighten up their day with a splash of colour. A perfect small gift of any age (from children to adults) and is perfect for personalising and brightening up any coat, bag, jumper or fridge. This quirky badge design is ideal for standing out in a crowd. 

  • Handmade
  • Ideal for Party Bags
  • Small birthday gift
  • Available as a medium (38mm) or Large (58mm) sized badge
  • Plastic Mylar
  • Plastic Safety Back
  • Metal Front
  • Printed on 100gsm paper